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A: Your Roadside Assistance Program has a limit based on the type of membership that you have. You can always call our customer service number to find out the exact number of the limit of roadside services per 12 month period. However you may continue to call the toll free 800 number to have service dispatched at your expense.

A: Your Roadside Assistance covers your tow up to $100 per disablement. The hook-up fee for the service to handle your vehicle is also covered. The service starts from the point that the tower picks you and your vehicle up at the place that you’ve broken down.

A: Your Roadside Assistance Roadside Assistance program is designed to cover the stated member or vehicle.

A: In the unlikely event that a qualified service provider is not able to assist you then you may contact a service provider on your own and pay for the service, but that service will be eligible for reimbursement consideration.

A: Unlike most roadside assistance programs Roadside Assistance WILL assist you in the event of an accident or collision. In the event the police are managing the accident location we may not be able to assist and you may have to use a police ordered tower and you will need to submit those expenses to your insurance company as they are not reimbursable under your roadside plan.

A: It is important to realize that every step is taken to ensure accurate and relevant information concerning your membership is communicated to our representatives. In the event your active membership information is not located and you are offered service at your own expense that service is eligible for reimbursement consideration.

A: ‘Emergency Road Service’ consists of the following services:
• Mechanical First Aid: Any available service requiring a Minor adjustment (exclusive of parts) to enable a Disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power.
• Tire Service: Changing an inflated spare from mount to wheel.
• Battery Service: Attempting to start vehicle with a booster battery.
• Delivery Service: Delivery of an emergency supply of gasoline, oil or water and other accessories and/or supplies as may be required and available. Cost of materials delivered shall be paid for by the member.
• Towing Service: When a vehicle cannot continue safely under its own power, it can be towed to destination of your choice by an authorized towing service.
• Emergency Lockout Service: If your keys are locked inside your vehicle or they are lost or stolen we will send a locksmith to assist you in gaining entry to your vehicle. Members are responsible for the actual cost of keys made if any.

A: After you purchased your initial membership we will send out a notification to you via email, about one month before your membership expires. That email let’s you know it’s time to renew your membership.

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