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“To all my Facebook friends and family that would like to get a insurance that helps you when something happens… Like care issues, hospital visits ect… PM me and I can tell you about the one I took out… When Breanna broke her ankle, she had to stay in the hospital a few days. Where she was in the emergency room first they automatically paid me 200 dollars and for every night she spent in there I got paid 100 dollars… so total they wrote me a check for 500 dollars… This really helped us… Ty missed work the whole time she was in there cause he wouldn’t leave his baby… Well that did a number on his payday… There is a lot they do… So if your interested in getting it let me know and I can give you the guys name that I got it through.”

Candi D, Panther, WV

“When our previous motor club provider raised their pricing, we needed to find an affordable program for our clients immediately to prevent a lapse in coverage. TMC Select worked with us to customize a program specific to our needs, which integrated seamlessly with our existing payroll system in less than 30 days! TMC kept the same affordable pricing for our clients’ employees, while providing coverage and benefits exceeding the previous roadside assistance program.”

Joan Settineri, GCG Financial

The investment with TMC Select has provided a great return in peace of mind and it’s been a tremendous value.

Pete Ferris, Pest Control Plus